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You have the right to contact the Joint Commission Office of Quality Monitoring at (630)-792-5636 for any safety or quality concerns

Much more than just a service, Advanced Care Staffing will provide you with an unparalleled experience. We know you need to prepare for the challenging tasks ahead, so we take the pressure off you, allowing you to sit back and relax, while we do the hard part of the job to help you start, shift to or evolve into a better medical professional. For these reasons, as well as the many more listed below, Advanced Care Staffing is the only call you want to make.

More choices.
Advanced Care staffing offers you a choice of multiple locations throughout the Tri-state area, and a host of scheduling options—day and shifts availabilities, part time , full time or coverage, so weather you need to increase  or arrange your work hours around your other scheduling, Advanced Care will find the perfect fit for you. 

No Cost and Hassle-Free processing.
Advanced Care staffing will seamlessly ease you through the transitioning process

Competitive Rates.
Advanced Care Staffing partners with leading hospitals and healthcare facilities to get you the highest salary offers, and what’s more we guarantee you weekly payment.

Training for New Grads.
Count on Advanced Care Staffing to give you the break you need and help you ease your way into the industry.

Quick placement for qualified applicants
With Advanced Care Staffing, once your qualified, youll be heading for your orientation interview in record time.

Fabulous Reward program
Easily earn a choice of fabulous free gifts  , our way of saying thank you to you.   

Strong network of healthcare facilities
With Advance Care Staffing, you can advance your career in New York’s finest hospitals/healthcare institutions.  

Local and foreign recruitment.
Our sourcing isn't limited to Brooklyn and neighboring locales. We welcome all U.S. and international applicants. (note to web designer: should be a link to International Nurses.

Personalized Care and Assistance
Most importantly, we provide the ultimate support, offering free consultation and guidance with all of your needs including certification, examination, licensure and reimbursement assistance, and smooth, hassle-free transitioning.    

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