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A Full Scope of Services

At Advanced Care Staffing, our commitment of providing  24/7 exceptional staffing solutions at cost-effective pricing helps our clients reach their goal and full potential of consistently  maintaining  the highest quality of patient care .  We supply experienced nurses and therapists in all capacities for the long and short term, all of whom have undergone a rigorous screening process. With our innovative multi-level assessment process, in addition to focusing on credentialing, we also regard the attitude, goals and personality clues of the applicant to maximize compatibility with your facility.

We offer unparalleled round-the-clock client support to assure your utmost satisfaction, and are completely dedicated to functioning as your very own Human Resources department, addressing all your individual preferences, needs and concerns. 

Look no further than Advance Care for fully customized services and
solutions to all of your staffing needs.
Temporary Staffing
We’ll provide you with highly quailified personal who’ll perform like your very own employees and stay with you as long as needed (Long Term Staffing).
Permanent Staffing
We source the most fitting candidates for your permanent staffing needs and facilitate their hire at extremely reasonable rates (Direct Hire).
Short and Long-term Coverage
Get top notch substitute staff members to cover your sudden staffing shortages owing to unanticipated events such as calamities or crisis etc. Assignments range form two weeks to three months.
Per Diem
Count on our 24/7 emergency replacement staffing capability! We build your own large pool  of   healthcare workers and orient them based on your facility's standard operating procedures, so they are ready to work whenever needed (On-call Staffing).

A Stellar Pool of Healthcare Professionals

Registered Nurses
Licensed Practical Nurses
Physical Therapists
Occupational Therapists
Physical Therapy Assistants
Certified Occupational
Therapy Assistants
Therapy Aides
Certified Nursing Assistants
Other Allied Healthcare Professionals and Workers

An Array of Unbeatable Value-Added Services

Competitive rates with no hidden costs.
Customizable Contracts
Tailored procedures based on client's preferences.
Rates without hidden costs.
Free replacement of personnel.
Flexible staffing options.
Smooth payroll management.
Discount for healthcare networks and bulk orders
No operating costs to you

Some of the singular benefits you'll enjoy with Advanced

We take the time to listen to your needs and then deliver customized solutions to meet or exceed your expectations
We are sensitive  and cater to the ethnic and racial diversity of your patients and existing staff
Our dedicated team of expert account managers specializes in managing staffing considerations in a timely and progressive manner.
We maintain the warmth and intimacy of a small company while offering you the full reliability and proven stability of a big company.

And still more ways we make it easier for you!

We handle the entire recruitment process, sparing you the tedious and costly hiring process. 
We ensure that all pre-employment requirements are prepared and up to date before deploying our healthcare professionals.
We instruct and acquaint all our healthcare professionals with your facility’s requirements/preferences.
We lessen your administrative costs and headaches, freeing your staff to take care of what matters most, your patients.
Unlike other agencies, we also consider the overall charachter professionals we deply if they are the rigth fit to your facility.

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