Clinical & Non-Clinical Staffing

Advanced Care Staffing serves as your one-stop, round-the-clock Human Resources department and are able to fulfill your clinical & non-clinical staffing needs across a broad range of requirements.


Clinical Staffing

Our highly experienced recruiters are able to handle temporary, permanent, short-term and long-term coverage, and per diem staffing, at no operating cost to you. We bear the grunt work and can also handle the key HR functions to make sure you get the right people without the unnecessary administrative hurdles.


Below are some of the guaranteed benefits you get when you work with Advanced Care Staffing
for your Clinical Staffing requirements:




Registered Nurse

Licensed Practical Nurse

Certified Nursing Assistants


Physician Assistant

Nurse Practitioner

Operating Room Tech

Surgical Tech

Cath Lab Tech

Central Sterile Tech

Allied Health








Social Work

24/7 Client Support

Do you have an emergency staffing request? Need an immediate staff to cover an increase in load due to unforeseen events? The Advanced Care Staff has dealt with a wide array of staffing issues and can address your needs 24/7 with highly trained staff and a large pool of qualified healthcare professionals who can start working for you right when you need them.


Customized Solutions

Although there are major similarities are reflected in staffing needs, not all requests are exactly the same. We have hands-on recruiters and managers who provide tailor-fit solutions in order to assure you that you get what you need.

Innovative and in-depth recruitment

People are our greatest asset and we want to make sure those we deploy to your facility become an asset too. This is why we take no shortcuts in qualifying our pool of healthcare professionals and in refining our recruitment process. We continually innovate to ensure that we have in-depth, one-on-one, and an extensive but fair selection process that practically guarantees that they add value to your facility from day one of the deployment.


Your facility’s success hinges on your people’s ability to get things done.

No matter their level of seniority or the department where they’ll be deployed, the people you have is what will keep your business moving. A nursing home or a hospital needs to be staffed with excellent people across all units, whether clinical or non-clinical, and Advanced Care Staffing recognizes this from the get go.


Our Non-Clinical Staffing services offer assistance for you and your facility to get the right people for the following operational tasks:




Case Management

Case Management


Environmental Services

Food Service

Health & Information Management

Human Resource

Information Technology

Logistics & Transport




Here at Advanced Care Staffing, your non-clinical personnel requirements are not treated as secondary. We mandate the same kind of rigor and discipline from our recruiters when finding the right people for non-clinical positions.

All our brands are committed to bringing in skilled and hardworking professionals that are aligned with your company’s vision and objectives and have the competence and character to add value to your organization.


Advanced Care Staffing employs a recruitment process that is in-depth and well-rounded, designed to help us find the best worker for your company, whether it’s for a clinical post or a non-clinical vacancy.